Nesta’s Innovation Growth Lab (IGL) has published a report on Experimental innovation policy for SMEs: findings and recommendations.

Are you interested in designing and launching initiatives that support user-centred open innovations in SMEs? Our project just

Join us for our final event on 7th October, 2021, at 9:00-13:00 CET. Participants in the event will

A second part of the scale-up workshop was organized on 21st May, when representatives from various Innovation Agencies

During the planning stage of the project, a two-day workshop was foreseen for partners and stakeholders (innovation agencies

The RCT study is underway

With all the partners finishing their UX Challenges, the most complex phase of the project has started. Partners

Three more partners have concluded their UX Challenges this week thus finalizing the whole 7-event endeavor that was

Four partners have now completed their UX Challenges with one more having it this week and other two

After a short coronavirus-related recess, partners are coming back on track with the innovation driven UX Challenges. Three

Partners from Finland, Denmark, Italy and Lithuania have shared their takes on UX trends in their countries respectively

Seven EU countries will host UX challenges in the beginning of 2021. Project partners have set the dates

A bunch of experts from business support organisations has gathered at Dansk Design Center to learn about design

Experts from innovation agencies and business support organisations from seven EU countries have met in Trento to kick