Seven EU countries will host UX challenges in the beginning of 2021. Project partners have set the dates for the UX challenge hackathons to take place in their countries after a short recess has been initiated due to the outbreak of corona virus.  

The first hackathon will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, by the Dansk Design Centre. The date is set for 11-12 of February 2021. The next one on the timetable is planned in Oulu, Finland, and is expected to take place on 16-17 of February. UX challenges in Trento (Italy) and Vilnius (Lithuania) are planned for the same date – 18-19 of February. They will be superseded by two more hackathons in Castellon (Spain) and Tallinn (Estonia) – planned for 24-25 and 25-26 of February respectfully. The hackathon sprint will be closed with the UX challenge in Karlsruhe (Germany), which is set to take place on 11-12 of March 2021.

Despite the initial plans to have live events with companies, solvers, testers, mentors and other participants present at the venues for two consecutive days during hackathons, with the second wave of COVID-19 hitting Europe it is now becomes unlikely for the events to be held live. However, every partner will have to evaluate the situation in the country during the dates set for the hackathon and make a decision whether organize it with live audience, switch to the online format or maybe go for the mixture of the two. The decisions on this topic are expected to be made later this year or at the beginning of the next year.

All information regarding the UX challenges planned to be organized with the scope of 200SMEchallenge is available at the project’s website, under the section UX Challenges in 2021.