The UX Challenge is a prize-driven initiative aiming at sparking awareness among SMEs about the benefits of design thinking and user-centric design of digital products and services.



SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) can apply to take part to the UX Challenge that will take place in one of the 7 involved countries: Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania.

Applying SMEs need to be from the ICT industry (software developers, app developers, integrators etc) or from the manufacturing industry. In any case, selected products to the UX Challenge will be digital products (mobile apps, web apps, software) or digital interfaces (commanding industrial machinery, home appliances, or other consumer goods). Submitted products will have to specify UX-related problems and/or innovation-related objectives (e.g. improving usability, designing new features, redesigning certain functionalities, etc.). One company can apply with one or more products by filling in an application form. Notice that along with the application form, companies will have to fill in a short survey that will allow to collect research data needed to carry out the extensive RCT study.


University students (including Ph.D. students) and young professionals (having graduated within 18 months from the call opening). Applicants should have (though this is not mandatory) a background in interaction design-related studies (computer science, design, sociology, psychology, economy and management) can apply by filling in online application form. Applications are open on project partners’ websites.


The UX Challenge also features the participation of a significant number of citizes as testers (35-45).
Testers are selected by UX Challenge organizers depending on the selected companies and products.
Project partners organizing the UX Challenge may utilize an open call for selection to select users.
Users will be required to take part to a 1-hour task-based interview during the second day of Challenge. Interested citizens should apply by contacting the organisers of the relevant UX Challenge.


Professionals with a background in service design and HCI (human computer interaction), willing to support and inspire a team of solvers through the UX Challenge should apply by contacting the organisers of one UX Challenge.

Mentors are neither in charge of the process, nor of the results: they only take part to the
Challenge to help the young wannabe designers (students) making sense of the complexity. Also, the UX Challenge it’s the place to be for UX design firms willing to scout new talents, get in touch with potential clients (the participating companies), and strengthen the ties within the local UX community!