Four partners have now completed their UX Challenges with one more having it this week and other two planned for the following week. Even though there is no full picture of the effects of the challenges on the companies yet, the partners who already had their events held, say that they received mainly positive reactions and feedbacks from all participants involved.  

“The event went smoothly and everyone was very pleased with it”, says Kadi Villers from Technopol, who just had the UX Challenge held last week.

“We have at least three companies that were so happy with the solutions provided by the solvers that they decided to continue working with the teams privately in order to further develop their ideas. I consider this to be a major pay off from the event and all the hard work that was put in while making it happen”, says Vitalija Kolisova from Lithuanian Innovation Centre, who organized the event in February.

The high level of satisfaction after the events are finished is especially noticeable with the three partners who have no prior experience in organizing UX Challenges. Unlike HIT – Hub Innovazione Trentino (HIT), the partner with the most experience in this matter within the consortium and the whole concept and framework for the implementation of UX Challenge, Busines Oulu, Lithuanian Innovation Centre and Technopol had their first ever UX Challenges organized. Thus, for them the success in the events is even more valuable, even though HIT is very pleased with the outcome of its UX Challenge as well.

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