Partners from Finland, Denmark, Italy and Lithuania have shared their takes on UX trends in their countries respectively in a series of articles “Thinking outside the box” launched by Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Usability.

The first article provided by the partner from Finland BusinessOulu dvels on measurable benefits in UX design by student collaboration. It has been written by Tiia Juntunen, a marketing manager at Tecinspire and a student at University of Oulu Information Processing Science. The article is available here.

The second article has been provided by Vitalija Kolisova, the Head of Communications at Lithuanian Innovation Centre. It is based on an interview with Vaidas Gecevicius, Creative Director at Gluk Media, and covers the topic of UX trends in VR. The article is available here.

The third article in the series has been provided by the lead partner HIT – Hub Innovazione Trentino. Nicola Doppio, project’s coordinator, shares his insights into organizing a #UXChallenge. The article is available here.

Links to other partners’ articles will be listed once available.