Nesta’s Innovation Growth Lab (IGL) has published a report on Experimental innovation policy for SMEs: findings and recommendations. Within this report results from three Horizon 2020 Work Programme (INNOSUP-06-2018) completed projects are presented, one of them being 200SMEchallenge. 

According to the report, the way the evaluation has been implemented in 200SMEchallenge project showed that participation in the UX Challenge led to significantly increased knowledge and ‘know-how’ about the design sprint method, and possibly (though less obvious) to improved attitudes towards design thinking. However, there is no clear evidence to support greater adoption of design thinking and user-centred design techniques within SMEs that participated in the UX Challenge and their readiness to absorb and apply knowledge from outside the organisation.

Report suggests to continue with observations and, if possible, to test the UX Challenge at even a larger scale to get more decisive results. 

The report is available here.